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Fourth Annual Manufacturing Day

October 2015

North Easton Machine Co. held an Open House on Friday October 2nd to celebrate National Manufacturing Day. We had a record turnout of one hundred and seventy five students and staff from five regional vocational high schools including Bristol Plymouth (Taunton, MA), South Shore (Hanover, MA), Diman (Fall River, MA), Old Colony (Rochester, MA) and Greater New Bedford (New Bedford, MA) took guided tours of the shop floor and spoke with the company’s management team about careers in manufacturing. Additionally, local and state officials, Workforce Investment Boards, vendors, community members, teachers and students from Bridgewater Raynham High School and Oliver Ames High School (Easton, MA) participated in tours and met with our staff.

This year over two thousand manufacturers across the U.S. opened their doors to show the public what they do, in a unified effort to change misconceptions about the industry. MFG Day is an opportunity for companies to address labor shortages, connect with students, and create a positive image of their businesses. North Easton Machine's event provided a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see firsthand the work that’s done in a manufacturing facility and learn what “Made in America” means to the local economy.

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NEM Lean's in the Fast Lane

June 2015

On June 8th North Easton Machine collaborated with Mass MEP to bring Lean in the Fast Lane to the Easton Knights of Columbus for a company- wide training. NEM employees worked in competing five person pit crews. Each person had their own task to complete. They were recorded and timed on how fast they could jack up the car, change 2 tires, drop the car back down, and make it back to the safe side of the car without “running” anyone over. Each crew was able to watch the video of their run and make adjustments to shave time off of their previous record. Everyone was impressed with how well NEM’s staff worked together.  The Blue Team broke Mass MEP’s customer record completing a stop in just 24 seconds!A lot was also learned in the classroom portion of this training  focusing staff on continuous improvement, team building, and how to improve work instructions. NEM is working hard to utilize the Lean concepts that were presented back on our manufacturing floor!

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NEM and the OJT Grant

Spring 2015

North Easton Machine Company recently hired 2 new employees, using an On The Job Training (OJT) Grant, m
achinist in training, Jorge Cardoso and receiver, Roberto Alvarez. The OJT Program enables a company to hire new employees and train them at their place of business while being reimbursed a percentage of the new employee's wages during training. The reimbursement  for a company with less than 50 employees is 90% of the trainee's salary for up to 1040 hours. We are happy to have the opportunity to train Nick and  help him better gain  the skills needed to succeed. This program is a great asset in helping meet the skills gap and demand for employees in the manufacturing industry.  

North Easton Machine Opens Its Doors for MFG Day 2014

October 2014

North Easton Machine Company, Inc held an open house on Friday, October 3, 2014 in celebration of National Manufacturing Day. Students and faculty from several local high schools toured North Easton Machine Company. The event offers students educational opportunities and discussions with industry leaders.

Over one hundred and forty students and faculty from around the area attended this year’s event; which also included tours with elected officials and community members. Groups visited the plant floor, viewed demonstrations, and were able to interact with a variety of production staff.

The event is designed to educate the public about modern manufacturing and help students gain interest in a career in manufacturing.    


NEM President Gets Sworn In

September 2014

NEM is proud to announce that our President, Jon Holbrook, was sworn in at Easton's Town Hall. Jon will be a member of the town's new Economic Development Council. The council is charged with creating sustainable economic development and collaborating with neighborhoods, businesses and regional governments. 

To learn more about the Town of Easton's new Economic Development Council click here.

NEM Celebrates the Company's 50th Anniversary

September 2014

North Easton Machine Company celebrated their 50th anniversary at the historic Oakes Ames Memorial Hall. The event included past and present company staff, customers, colleagues, and elected officials.  

During the celebration, company president, Jon Holbrook, was awarded a proclamation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives presented by Representative Claire Cronin.  In his speech that followed, Jon Holbrook took time to thank attendees and spoke about his parents’ partnership and the early days of the company.  “In 1964, my father (Donald Holbrook) had trouble caring for his wife and two children on a salary of one hundred dollars a week. He thought that starting his own business would give him greater income potential, but he had no money - $25 a week went to groceries and the other $75 went to rent.”  His family was not supportive, so he made an appointment to see the local banker, David Ames, who arranged a loan. “My father used the loan to buy some used screw machines and set up shop. We have gone from a start up business in a garage to becoming a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility celebrating 50 years of business.”    

Jon went on to recognize his mother, who attended the party.  “My parents were good partners,” he began.  “While my father worked days to support us, my mother would order and receive raw material, tooling, and take deliveries  to support my father’s nightly production, all  while chasing two toddlers around the house.” It was several years before Donald Holbrook was able to give up his day job and run North Easton Machine as a full-time business.Over the many years since, the building that houses North Easton Machine has expanded on a parcel of land just behind the garage on Elm Street.  

Jon concluded by introducing and  thanking several former employees, who worked alongside his father, and then invited the entire current staff to join him at the front of the hall to express his appreciation for their daily contributions to the success of North Easton Machine.The night was filled with warm memories about the business as attendees got the chance to mingle and talk throughout the event.The night concluded with Jon cutting into a cake created by Montilios Bakery, replicating a machine used in the shop. 

Photos from the Celebration