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CNC Swiss Screw Machining

  • Capacity 0.03125”-1.500”/ 1mm- 38mm
  • Tolerances to .0002"
  • Lengths to 12'
CNC Swiss machining technology offers one of the most cost-effective and accurate solutions for producing highly intricate parts, both small and long. Unlike conventional turning in which the material remains stationary and the cutting tools move to the material, Swiss machining utilizes a support system, called a guide bushing, allowing the material to move under the cutting tools creating a very rigid “point of cut”. This greatly diminishes deflection and vibration, which helps to further improve machining accuracy. In fact, our highly advanced CNC Swiss machining centers can meet ultra-tight tolerances down to 0.0002".

Additionally, many of our CNC Swiss machining centers are equipped with live tooling for cross drilling, tapping and milling along with sub spindles for part pickoff. The live tooling capabilities allow complete machining of complex parts in one operation, while the sub-spindles allow simultaneous machining on both ends of a part for greater production output.

Round this out with 2000PSI coolant capability, fully automatic magazine bar-fed technology, part catching and indexing capability to create the ultimate production machine for stock lengths up to 12' and a wide range of materials up to 1.250" in diameter.