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We offer Inventory Management Programs to all of our customers!

Inventory Management programs are designed to benefit both the customer and the supplier, by forecasting demand and ordering ahead to decrease lead times. If you can project an annual quantity, North Easton Machine will customize a program to your specific needs, in order to maintain a steady flow of incoming parts to your company.  

Blanket Order- A Blanket order is a purchase order that contains multiple predetermined delivery dates scheduled over a fixed period of time at a quoted price. Components are generally manufactured complete at one time and then shipped at the agreed upon schedule. Blanket orders favor discount pricing through volume commitments, stabilizing  supply and freeing our customers from purchasing and holding large inventories. In addition, blanket orders simplify the purchasing process because they reduce the number of purchasing orders to one, avoiding the administrative expenses associated with processing frequent purchase orders. 

Kanban- True Kanban requires a partnership between customer and supplier. Unlike blanket orders that have an end date, true Kanban is an ongoing partnership where both customer and supplier continually work together to meet the needs of the end customer, control costs and improve quality. Also unlike blanket orders, there are no large purchase orders from the customer. Shipments are released in fixed lot size as needed to meet demand. Revision changes can be implemented quickly as no large stockpile or product exists. The product is manufactured at a level large enough to support production needs, but not so large as to create a major liability for either party. Customer and supplier work together to streamline the process, leading to greater efficiencies and cost reductions in which both can share. 

Consignment Program- A Consignment Program is a managed inventory program that allows our customer to eliminate the costs associated with carrying inventory to support their production. This type of program gives our customers the ability to have visibility and instant access to their supplier (North Easton Machine) at their facility. This information, along with pre-set minimum/maximum inventory parameters, allows a consignment program to generate automatic replenishment orders. It's an effective program for not only our customers but also for North Easton Machine, who is better able to manage production and control costs.  

Ship to Stock- A ship to Stock program is a way to more cost effectively and efficiently handle incoming material. Material is received and transferred directly to your inventory, bypassing incoming inspection and all associated costs. The basic premise of a Ship to Stock program requires a high degree of confidence in the supplier's ability to deliver components on a consistent basis with a high level of quality. With ISO:9001 certified process controls, inspection and management systems, North Easton Machine is able to continuously provide a quality  product from our dock direct to your stock. 

 For more information about our Inventory Management programs please contact our office for more information.

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